Felidae Conservation Fund Camera at Pedro Point Headlands

Our friends at Felidae Conservation Fund have installed a wildlife camera at Pedro Point Headlands as part of the Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP). BAPP is a long-term study of the Bay Area’s pumas, their habitats and the potential for conflict with humans. Cameras are placed in research grids to collect data on all wildlife, and then the data is used to answer important questions on Bay Area species, with a focus on mountain lions and bobcats, and their prey.


Help take care of the Pedro Point Headlands to ensure they provide quality habitat for wildlife and recreational opportunities for the community!

Pedro Point Headlands

Located between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, Pedro Point Headlands offers a spectacular 255-acre landscape, three miles of trails and stunning views. At the same time, the Headlands suffered from persistent erosion, caused by past off-highway vehicle (OHV) use. Sediment from the headlands  runs into San Pedro Creek, harming fish, frogs and other wildlife.

The Pacifica Land Trust is working to restore the beauty and health of the Pedro Point Headlands. Together with the community and partner organizations we are working to heal this unique coastal ecosystem and improve the trails.

Click HERE to see upcoming workdays!

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