Pedro Point Headlands Stewardship Program

The Pedro Point Headlands stewardship program is a volunteer initiative to preserve and restore this priceless open space. It is overseen by the Pacifica Land Trust in partnership with the Pedro Point Community Association and made possible by a stewardship grant from the California Coastal Conservancy. During the first six years, there are amazing, tangible successes. Native flora have been planted, pampas grass and French broom have been mostly eradicated by our dedicated team of volunteers.

Now with additional funding, there are new opportunities to get involved and help us re-vegetate areas disturbed during construction to hold the soil and restore the habitat and maintain native plants in a temporary on-site nursery, to minimize costs and maximize success.


Restoration Work Days


Now is your chance to help restore their natural beauty and resilience — and get to know the magnificent coastal bluffs of Pedro Point. Volunteers are always welcome and needed  (9:45 am – 1:00 pm).  See workdays to right.

What to Bring

Wear long sleeves and pants, bring water, gloves, if you have them, and be prepared for warm or cold weather. Tools and snacks are provided.

Where to Meet

The meet up time is 9:45AM at the Parking Lot on the North End of the Devil’s Slide Trail. If parking is full we will direct folks from the North End Parking Lot to park at the staging area in the headlands nearby. Please join us and be prepared to have fun!

North End of the Tom Lantos Tunnels Devil’s Slide Trail Parking Map – there are two places to park.



What Can I Do?

Do you need to be strong, fit and young to do this? Absolutely not! People of all ages, big and small can contribute meaningfully. Community service hours are available. Each month we choose several tasks to work on, meeting various abilities and interests. People who like light effort can take photos, record results, collect seeds and water newly planted natives. People who like more vigorous tasks can take up the mattocks, saws, hedge trimmers and other tools and dig in. The youngest volunteers so far have been 4 and 5, the oldest 80.

Whether you prefer to remove weeds that threaten the native species, widen or maintain trails, collect mature seeds for revegetating the eroded slopes, plant native plants or tend the newly planted seedlings, you can make a real difference for the Headlands and the creatures who live here. There is a lot to be done — and we have fun working as a team to get it done. Collectively we learn and teach each other about the plants, birds and natural history.

Partner with Us

The Pacifica Land Trust invites local businesses and Bay Area companies to partner with us. Email Bill Schwegler(  to discuss how we can engage your employees in hands-on restoration projects while they enjoy these spectacular coastal headlands.


Dec 22, 2018: No Project Due to Holidays

Jan 26, 2019: Trail Maintenance and Nursery Projects

More opportunities are available for volunteers interested in working at the nursery.  Email

Get Involved




If you enjoy the Headlands, please consider a tax-deductible donation to PLT.

Project Partners