Virtual Pedro Point Headlands

A great new resource for learning more about the Pedro Point Headlands is the Virtual Pedro Point Headlands website.  This website is designed to help you explore and understand this complex and dramatic area. You can navigate the site by subject matter, such as (Life, Geology, History, Scenic Values) Or you can find out about the park though the Learning Stations, which help you explore the science and stories of specific locations as you move around the Headlands.

Resources for Learning More

Northern California’s Pedro Point Headlands are stunningly beautiful coastal bluffs where Montara Mountain meets the Pacific Ocean in Pacifica — between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. The area is becoming a popular place for local residents and visitors to get outdoors along the spectacular Pacific coast.

Pedro Point itself is an unusual, photogenic rock formation jutting into the ocean, its strata upended. The near-vertical cliffs and jagged knife-like edge are beloved by seabirds. Above the rock formation, the 255-acre bluff hosts diverse plant communities of coastal scrub, reedgrass and Monterey Pine woodlands.

You may see migrating gray whales in the spring and fall, flocks of birds, California slender salamanders, deer, Bewick’s wren, and more. There are hundreds of native plants including Francisco wallflower, Michael’s rein orchid, Coyote Bush, California Sage, Ceonothus, Sticky Monkeyflower, Lizard Tail and Coffeeberry.

See the following pages to learn more about the Headlands:

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