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South from San Francisco along the coast, travelers are routinely stunned by breathtaking views and dramatic sunsets that sweep the coast from Highway One. From the northern ocean bluffs, south to Pedro Point, Pacifica encompasses not only 40,000 people but several unique micro-climates and ecosystems with rare and threatened plant and animal species including the Montara Mountain manzanita, the San Francisco garter snake, and the Mission Blue butterfly.

Felidae Conservation Fund Camera at Pedro Point Headlands

Our friends at Felidae Conservation Fund have installed a wildlife camera at Pedro Point Headlands as part of the┬áBay Area Puma Project (BAPP). BAPP is a long-term study of the Bay Area’s pumas, their habitats and the potential for conflict with humans. Cameras are placed in research grids to collect data on all wildlife, and then the data is used to answer important questions on Bay Area species, with a focus on mountain lions and bobcats, and their prey.


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Stewardship Workday
Pedro Point Headlands
Fourth Sunday of Each Month
from 10am to 1pm

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